Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waffles is cute.


We gave Autumn and Ben a break last weekend and watched Noah while they had some much needed alone time. We had a great time! Noah is such a doll. A little stinky, but still pretty cute. And that boy can eat!! He had 2 bottles, green beans and a thing of bananas in just the short time he was here!!

Noah liked Will.

Funniest picture. Ever.

Can't wait to babysit again!!

I wanna lick the bowl!!!

This is what happens when we don't let Waffles lick our dinner plate/bowl. He will sit and stare at it until we finally give in and let him lick it or we just take it to the kitchen. The video below is of Waffles getting pissed because I wouldn't let him lick my ice cream bowl. It's pretty funny.

I know everyone was scared of the Waff's bark. He's such a bad ass.



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