Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Know Nothings

A couple of weeks ago, ANPAC, the company that my mom works for, had their annual trivia night to raise money for The United Way.  They usually have themes and this year's theme was the 80's.  Jessica and I were sooooo excited!  We heart the 80's!  By the time we got there though, mom had already chosen our team name...the Know Nothings.  Seriously??  Not the Max Headroms.  Not the Go Gos.  Not the Material Girls.  Not anything that has to do with the 80's at all!!  Since we don't ever decorate our table, the least she could have done is come up with some sort of 80's themed team name!  Geez!  Oh well.  We still had a great time--even though we sucked horribly.  We usually win the trivia contests--or at least come in somewhere in the top 3--but not this year.  While we didn't come in last, we were somewhere in the middle and that is not good--especially because Jessica and I claim to be aficionados when it comes to that decade. 

One of the categories had to do with 80's music.  We were in heaven!!  They would play part of a song and then you had to fill in the next few words.  Everyone was laughing at us because we knew (almost) all of the songs and would sing loudly to all of them.  It brought me back to a simpler time when the cool thing to do at our house was to grab a hairbrush and jump on the stage (my bed) and  rock out to some 'Talk Dirty to Me' until we couldn't rock any more.  Ahhh...those were the days.

Our team consisted of the, grandma, Sheba, Jessica, Pat, Carla and her daughter, and me and Will.  I had a great time hanging out with everyone. 

Almost forgot about Bubbles!  His only contribution of the night was totally WRONG!!  The question was 'Name the original 3 Taco Bell sauces'.  I immediately turned to mom (who was writing down the answers) and told her the answer...mild, hot and fire.  Well, Bubbles chimes in and argues with me that the answer is mild, MEDIUM and fire.  I know he eats a lot of Taco Bell but, come on.  Mild and medium are the same flippin' thing!  But he kept insisting that he was right so we used his answer.  Bad move.  He was wrong and I was right.

Will in his sexy new glasses.

Jessie, grandma and me.  Grandma also made a funny.  The very first category was about cereal and the first question was 'Which athlete has been on the Wheaties box the most?'.  We all agreed that it was Michael Jordan.  After the round was over and we all turned in our answer sheets, Kyle Bosch (the emcee), read the first question and right before he was about to give us the answer (and the room was VERY quiet at the time), grandma yells out Michael JACKSON!!!  The whole room errupted into laughter!  It was hilarious!


Maybe next time we can start our winning streak again.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Samuel Cedars

This is where we will be on 4-28-12.  Less than a year!!  FINALLY!!!!!

Hopefully it will be sunny on that day (unlike today--in these pictures).

Pathway from the parking lot to the outdoor pergola and ceremony area--also a trail to the reception hall.

The big porch off the back of the reception hall.

This is looking from the porch of the reception hall to the ceremony site.  It's really pretty and really GREEN!  The ceremony will be around 4:00 or 4:30 so we won't have the lanterns lit so, we are thinking about putting some of our tissue paper/coffee filter balls on the top of the poles.

The pergola and the ceremony site.  On the wedding day, this will all be filled with white chairs and the pergola will be decorated.  There will be a tissue paper/coffee filter ceiling and also a curtain of the tissue paper/coffee filters in the back.  When I think about it now, it might kind of look like a mullet.  Might have to re-think the pegola decorations.

This is the view from the pergola--looking into the guest seating area.  In the top right hand corner is the reception hall.  Not a bad walk at all.

Top of the pergola.  Too bad it gets dark too late in the spring.  Would have loved to have an evening wedding--with the lights all lit up.

At the top of this picture is the owner's house.  This is standing on the pergola--facing the crowd and looking to the right.

Standing on the pergola--facing the crowd and looking to the left.

I think we are going to put some planters with some really pretty flowers on either side of the steps.

Halfway between the reception hall and the ceremony site (looking at the pergola).

I'm so happy to finally be under a year now!  Yay!

Long time no blog.

It has been a while since I've been on here.  Not much has happened though.  Pretty boring around our house.  Just a lot of medical talk, alumni events and poop scoopin'.  I went to the MVC tournament in St. Louis at the beginning of March--the alumni department co-hosts the hospitality room at Union Station for Bears fans.  I was up there for 5 days and they couldn't even win the tournament!  Will has been doing his clinical rotations and is currently finishing up his 3rd (only 5 more to go--woo hoo!). 

I gave Waffles and Grover a haircut. 

Waffles has a ridiculous underbite.

We also got Grover fixed.  Doesn't he look pathetic?  I couldn't bring myself to put him in a cone of shame so I just tried to keep him from licking it.  I should have bought the cone though--he ended up licking himself raw!  He's MUCH better now but those first few days after the surgery were bad.

We went to mom's for easter dinner and the dogs got to lick the pork roast pan.  The furry dog in the center is my little 7 lb., 16 year old pomeranian, Barsuk!!  It was freakin' hilarious!  Sukie stood in the middle of the pan and licked and licked and licked and the other dogs were licking the outside of the pan so hard that they were turning the pan (and Barsuk) in circles.  I love my Sukie.

At the end of March, my Aunt Pam (who lives in Arizona) passed away unexpectedly.  My mom, grandma and Aunt Sheila all headed out to AZ for the funeral.  They stopped along the way in Midland, TX to pick up my Uncles Todd and Jeff and my cousin, Perry.  I took some pictures on my mom's camera today and brought it home with me to get my pictures off the card and found these pictures from their trip.

Mom and my cousin, Ellary's little boy, Bodie Huck Smith.  Bodie was in the hospital for quite a while after he was born.  He was born with (as Ellie would say) his 'guts on the outside'.  He was a sick little guy.  But now he is all better and skinkin' adorable.  Can't wait to meet him!

Bodie and Bodie's daddy, Blaine.

I asked mom about these and she said that she told Perry to take some pictures and this is what he took pictures of.  And, yes.  He totally looks like a Mexican drug dealer.  We are all very aware of this.  Mom thought they were for sure going to take him when they got stopped by border patrol.  They didn't.  But that sure would have been funny!

Uncle Todd, mom, Aunt Sheila, Perry, Grandma, and Rush Limbaugh after the funeral--and the guy in the back with the yellow and black shirt on is the guy my mom should have married instead of my dad.  His name is Bob and he likes NASCAR.  Wait.  Nevermind.  I don't know what I would do if I had to watch even one NASCAR race.  Also, that really isn't Rush Limbaugh.  I know that because my grandma would never have her arm around Rush and also because that is my Uncle Jeff.  Unfortunately, he also ACTS like Rush.

Hehe.  Mom said she was spitting spit wads in his mouth.  Guess you had to have something to do to pass the time.

Ellie and Bodie.

I asked mom if she happened to get any picture of the Baxters (Pam's family) while they were out there.  Nope.  She FORGOT.  She sure as hell didn't 'forget' to take 50 (i swear) pictures of these...
Seriously.  And she couldn't even roll down the window to do it!!  Good grief, mom!

Oh yeah.  I also got my wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Vera Wang, bitches!


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