Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road Trip!

Waffles got to go to Grammy and Grampy Gray's today.  He munched on some styrofoam while daddy and grampy put together grampy's new desk. 

Hey, Waffles...

...wanna go bye bye?

It was so nice yesterday that we decided to take Waffles for a little walk at Fellows Lake.  Waffles had a blast!  We let him off his leash so that he could run around.  He was in heaven.  He peed on everything.

Cousin Noah

This is Noah.  He is Autumn and Ben's new, little guy.  He's pretty cute.  They should probably keep him.

Mom's hand looks ginormous!!

Will and I feel very privileged that our house was was the destination for Noah's first night out on the town.  The lovely Clark family came over and had some of Will's delicious pasta.

I love his hair.

Waffles had to come and check him out.

Noah and family stopped by to visit us before going to hang with the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro.  He looks like a little man.

We enjoy our visits with the Clark family.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waffles got a haircut!

I took Waffles to the groomer this morning and when I dropped him off I asked for him to be short all over and give him a "teddy bear" face.  I wanted his beard and 'stache gone and his ears trimmed up.  When I got home, this is how he looked.  Cute--but not what I asked for.  Check out the weird, long hair on the end of his tail.  What's up with that?  I really do like the place that we take him.  It's a little, locally owned shop just right up the road and the ladies in there love Waffles and Waffles seems to like going there.  They do a good job--they just don't know what a teddy bear looks like.  

We decided that we didn't mind the beard but the 'stache, ears and that weird tail thing had to go.  So, I got out my scissors and went to work.  Don't tell Waffles, but Will and I think that he looks kind of funny after he gets a haircut and sometimes we laugh at him.

I still think that they sent Will home with the wrong dog.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Waff was nice enough to share his hat with Daddy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poor Valentine.

Well, Killian almost succeded in her quest to kill one of the dogs at Grandma's Doggie Retirement Home.  She managed to snap Vallie's leg in two and break the bone around her left eye.  Vallie is a trooper though.  She's hopping all over the place on her 3 good legs--even running away from the vet.  She just recently had to get her eyelid sewn shut (that is why there is a button on her head) and she has to keep it that way for 10 days. 

Killian has been evicted from the Doggie Retirement Home and is now living with Aunt Jessie's boyfriend.  She better be thankful because she almost became Miss Killie the pound dog (part 2).  Thanks, Jack!

Poor Vallie.

Monday, March 8, 2010


The world's largest and most expensive dog bed.

Waffles--a real life wookie?

So, mom.  I see you have an apple.

I'll just lay right here in front of you in case you decide to give me a bite.

Thanks, mom.  You're the best.

I love apples.  They sure are good.

So, how about you give me another slice of your apple?

No?  Fine.  Be that way.

Aww, I knew it, mom.  I knew you couldn't resist my cute wookiness. 

Does anyone else think that Waff looks like a wookie?  Or is it just us?


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