Monday, June 21, 2010

Too cute.

Autumn and Ben brought Noah by for a visit on Saturday--he is getting so big! Before you know it, Autumn is going to be putting him on the bus to go to kindergarten.

Waff was a little jealous that Noah was hanging out in his Lovesac.

At least we know that Autumn didn't sleep with the mailman. That kid is 100% Ben's!


I love the patch of long hair on his head.

Where's Noah?

Love his hair in this picture.

I really wish he didn't have red eye in this pic. Still cute though.

Waffles LOVES Noah. He couldn't get enough of him. Noah seemed to like Waffles pretty good, too.

I love the lone curl on the side of his head.

I think that Waffles wanted to keep Noah.

Looking forward to our next visit!

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