Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poor Valentine.

Well, Killian almost succeded in her quest to kill one of the dogs at Grandma's Doggie Retirement Home.  She managed to snap Vallie's leg in two and break the bone around her left eye.  Vallie is a trooper though.  She's hopping all over the place on her 3 good legs--even running away from the vet.  She just recently had to get her eyelid sewn shut (that is why there is a button on her head) and she has to keep it that way for 10 days. 

Killian has been evicted from the Doggie Retirement Home and is now living with Aunt Jessie's boyfriend.  She better be thankful because she almost became Miss Killie the pound dog (part 2).  Thanks, Jack!

Poor Vallie.

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