Thursday, August 26, 2010

Balloon Cabin

After visiting Cabin X a few months ago, Will decided to write the Buffalo Outdoor Center and tell them about our stay--even though we never officially received our survey like they said we would.  Anyway, while we were there we noticed some things that could be improved to make Cabin X a true 'luxury cabin' and make it worth the price they are asking per night.  First of all, the robes were really not all that 'fluffy' like they said they were and Will didn't even get to wear his because it wasn't 'man-size'.  There was a huge, ancient tv that was caving in the middle of the mantle that it was sitting on top of.  There was no cable or satellite.  The ipod dock that they had was one that only fit the newer ipods--didn't have an adapter for an older ipod like mine.  The chairs on the deck were not comfortable and definitely were not 'lounge chairs'.  The hot tub smelled like feet the second day and the view while sitting in it was obstructed by the deck railing.  And, last but not least, the canopy over the bed was mirrored!!  Weird--who would have expected mirrored ceilings in a cabin in Arkansas--and cheesy--I really had no idea that places were still doing this.  Now, don't get me wrong, we had a great time.  It was a beautiful cabin with a fabulous view but, it was definitely not worth almost $300 per night!  Will wasn't mean in his letter--he just wanted to let them know about our experience at Cabin X.  So, within the next couple of days he heard back from the management.  They were very apologetic and said that they wanted to make it up to us--by letting us have 2 more nights in a cabin of our choice--FOR FREE!!  Since Cabin X was a mountain top cabin, we thought we would stay in one of their valley cabins.  The one we wanted to stay in, Valley Mist, was booked (we had to use our 2 nights before the end of August).  So we chose to stay in the Balloon Cabin.  We loved it.  It was the same price as Cabin X but it slept 6 so it was a little bigger.  It had one queen bed on the main level and then 2 queen beds in the loft area.  It was at the end of a road with other rental cabins but we couldn't see our neighbors and we had a HUGE, wide-open back yard.  Waffles loved running around in all of that space. 

Waffles waiting on daddy to get out of the shower.

The little shit looks so happy after rolling his face around in a cockaburr bush.

Those little things were a bitch to get out!  And they were everywhere!!

It was fun and we had a good time but, I think that we will stay somewhere else next time.

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