Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gray family vacation 2010--Pomme de Terre lake

Last weekend I got to go with Will on his annual family vacation. This year it was at Pomme de Terre lake. They rented 2 cabins and we all just relaxed and played some games. It was a lot of fun--as all Gray family vacations are.

I didn't get many exciting pictures but, I did take pictures of the girls and I definitely wanted to post them. And, of course, I got one of Will.

This is Mylie. She is adorable. And she has the best hair ever. Seriously. I will have to get a pic of her when her hair is dry.

This is Brooklyn (and Aunt B in the background).  She is getting so big!  She started Kindergarten Tuesday.  But, from what I hear, it wasn't very 'wow'.

Since I just started blogging in January, I will have to go back and post pictures from past Gray family vacations.  They were a lot of fun as well and they need to be on here.

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