Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Richie and Kristen got married!!!

Last Friday Will and I and most of Will's family boarded a plane to Las Vegas to watch Will's little brother tie the knot.  They got married Saturday aftnoon (1-22-11) at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  Did I mention that I hate flying? 

I have been to Vegas twice before but it has been about 12 years since I was last there.  It has grown quite a bit.  Lots of new hotels and casinos--we were there for 3 days and we didn't make it past Treasure Island.  Even though there is a ton of stuff to see, I won't be sad if we never go back.  We're not into the whole party and club scene and everything is so expensive--plus it's dirty.  Geez, do I sound old or what?

Registration area inside of The Paris Hotel.

Will's cousins Kenzie and Tyler.

View from our hotel room--backside of the strip.

The first of many trips to the cash out machine.  We didn't make all of our money back but I did win $130.00 on the Sex and the City penny slot machine!  Yes.  They had a Sex and the City slot machine and it was AWESOME!!

This is in the center of the casino inside the Paris.

The fam wandering around the casino.

Linda watching Will lose money before heading to dinner Friday night.

Our Vegas crew waiting in line for the Buffet of Buffets.  There were a lot of family and friends that came out for the wedding so it was hard to get everyone to go and do things as a big group so we spent most of our time with Aunt B and the Zongkers.  Left to right:  Tyler, Aunt B, Will, Julie, Linda, Wes and Kenzie.  Kenzie and Tyler are Wes and Linda's kids.  Brenda and Linda are twins.

The Bellagio was right across the street from the Paris so we were able to watch the fountain show that the Bellagio puts on.

Me and Will outside the hotel before we walked the strip after dinner on Friday night.  We walked so much while we were there.  My legs and back were killing me by the time we left. 

This is the Cosmopolitan Hotel--it just opened on December 15, 2010.

Inside the Cosmopolitan.

Will and I in front of the HUGE chandelier in the Cosmopolitan.  If you look closely you can see a bar and a spiral staircase inside the chandelier.  Crazy.  It was about 3 stories tall.

Richie is about to get married!!!

Richie and Will.

Kristen and her dad.

The beautiful Kristy on the left and the maid of honor, Cassie (?? not really sure of her name) on the right.

It's official!!

Mr. and Mrs. Gray

Only 458 more days...not that I'm counting or anything.

Yes.  Those are all snow crab legs and I can have as many of them as I want!  When we first got to Vegas we found out about a buffet deal that they had going on.  It was called the Buffet of all Buffets and what you did was pay $50.00 per person and you got a wristband.  That wristband would allow you to eat at 7 different buffets in various hotels throughout the city as much as you want in a 24 hour period.  We ate dinner the first night at the World Buffet in the Paris Hotel and breakfast the next morning there, as well.

After the wedding on Saturday afternoon, we still had a few hours before our 24 hours ran out.  So Brenda thought that it would be a good idea to walk to the Rio and try the 2nd highest rated buffet in Vegas.  The Rio is not on the strip but we had seen it the night before while out walking and saw that it was just a few blocks behind Caesars Palace.  WRONG.  Try more like 5 or 6 miles along a really busy street that intersects a major interstate.  After much bitching and moaning, we finally made it there.  The Rio buffet is the one that had the delicious crab in the above picture--plus they had sugar free desserts--including gelato and chocolate creme pie!!  I was so happy!  It's not easy to be on a diet and in Vegas.  Anyway, we eventually found out (thank you, Kenzie) that there is a direct shuttle with handicap access for Beverly's electric wheelchair from the Rio to The Paris and it's free!!  Maybe we should have looked into that before we started walking.  But I swear it looked closer than it was.

Inside Caesars Palace

Inside the Luxor.

Apparently Dwight Schrute also works the ticket counter at the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor.


Inside New York, New York.  Made out of Jelly Beans.  Will wanted to eat it really bad.

A little blurry.  Sorry.

In front of New York, New York walking back from the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor.  Some drunk guy offered to take the picture.  It took him a long time so we thought he was getting several pictures.  NOPE.  Just one and it's really blurry.

Our favorite prostitute business card hander outers.  Kenzie collected a ton of these so I had to get a picture of her with the Girls Girls Girls guys!  This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.  Love it.

Sunday, our last night in Vegas, the Zongkers, Brenda and me and Will all went out to eat at Cabo Wabo on the stip.  Yes.  I know it's Sammy Hagar's restaurant but it was in a cool location, we could eat outside and the food was reasonable.  And after eating there, we found that the food was pretty good!

Will, me and Aunt B at Cabo Wabo.

Oh yeah.  Barry Manilow also performs at the Paris--don't be jealous, Autumn.  And no.  I did not see him.

Vegas was fun but I'm definitely glad to be home.  Missed my puppies.  Congratulations Richie and Kristen!!!

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