Monday, May 2, 2011

Samuel Cedars

This is where we will be on 4-28-12.  Less than a year!!  FINALLY!!!!!

Hopefully it will be sunny on that day (unlike today--in these pictures).

Pathway from the parking lot to the outdoor pergola and ceremony area--also a trail to the reception hall.

The big porch off the back of the reception hall.

This is looking from the porch of the reception hall to the ceremony site.  It's really pretty and really GREEN!  The ceremony will be around 4:00 or 4:30 so we won't have the lanterns lit so, we are thinking about putting some of our tissue paper/coffee filter balls on the top of the poles.

The pergola and the ceremony site.  On the wedding day, this will all be filled with white chairs and the pergola will be decorated.  There will be a tissue paper/coffee filter ceiling and also a curtain of the tissue paper/coffee filters in the back.  When I think about it now, it might kind of look like a mullet.  Might have to re-think the pegola decorations.

This is the view from the pergola--looking into the guest seating area.  In the top right hand corner is the reception hall.  Not a bad walk at all.

Top of the pergola.  Too bad it gets dark too late in the spring.  Would have loved to have an evening wedding--with the lights all lit up.

At the top of this picture is the owner's house.  This is standing on the pergola--facing the crowd and looking to the right.

Standing on the pergola--facing the crowd and looking to the left.

I think we are going to put some planters with some really pretty flowers on either side of the steps.

Halfway between the reception hall and the ceremony site (looking at the pergola).

I'm so happy to finally be under a year now!  Yay!

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